Becoming Psychic

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Jeff Tarrant PhD

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Jeff Tarrant Ph.D.


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A scientific, brain-based approach that provides an understanding of psychic abilities, spirit communication, and energy healing.

Jeff Tarrant was fascinated by the paranormal as a child but then his training as a neuropsychologist turned him into a hardcore skeptic. If something could not be reliably and consistently demonstrated in the laboratory, then it wasn’t real. These rigid ideas were gradually worn away as he repeatedly witnessed and experienced things that simply should not be possible—telekenesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, mediumship, energy healing, and more…. This book follows his journey of studying, interviewing, and testing a wide variety of mediums, psychics, and healers as he tries to determine what is going on in their brains when they engage in these supernormal abilities. Listeners will get to know these gifted people, exploring what makes them tick and discovering firsthand evidence that this stuff is real.

If we can understand how the psychic mind works, might the rest of us be able to use this information to help develop our own abilities? Becoming Psychic uses knowledge uncovered through case studies, expert interviews, and research to offer a variety of practical insights to help listeners develop their own psi abilities. Each chapter concludes with a “try it yourself” section, helping listeners apply specific concepts and techniques into their own psychic development practice. In addition to uncovering the tips, skills, and tools identified in Tarrant’s research, the book also explores how to use brain-hacking technology, such as neurofeedback, audiovisual entrainment, and pulsed electromagnetic fields to “nudge” the brain toward heightened psychic abilities—as well as quieting internal chatter, supporting empathy, and enhancing creativity—all the mental skills necessary to move from balance and wellness to the extraordinary!

Becoming Psychic fills an important gap in the psychic development literature. There are books that tell the stories of psychics and mediums. There are books that focus on the science and evidence for these practices, and there are books devoted to teaching you how to develop your own skills. This book contains all of the above and more!

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