Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies, 2nd Edition

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Richard Eng

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Patrick Lawlor


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Betting on Horse Racing For Dummies is packed with information that teaches you the ins and outs of the racetrack. You’ll learn how to improve your odds, avoid common betting mistakes, and just plain have fun at the races. This is a spectator’s easy-to-understand guide, so you’ll have no trouble identifying the racing breeds with their strengths and weaknesses, sizing up the jockey, understanding the importance and role of a trainer, placing bets, managing money, and beyond. Can’t make it to the track? No worries! You’ll get the scoop on online betting with off track betting sites and apps. This update covers the latest changes in the betting world and in the racing world, so you’ll know just what you’re wagering.

– Learn about the different types of horse racing

– Discover and identify the best racing breeds

– Know your jockeys and trainers

– Make smart wagers and manage your funds

For beginning betters, Betting on Horse Racing For Dummies is your ticket to well informed wagers and a winning edge. Already know the ropes? You’ll love the market trends and insider tips you’ll find.

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