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J. Michael Waller

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Charles Constant


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Shocking, illuminating—and filled with exclusive interviews with leading CIA figures themselves—Big Intel recounts the dramatic story of the rise and Cold War heroics of the CIA and the American intelligence apparatus followed by its unfortunate slide into Kafkaesque Deep State dysfunction.

How the Left Subverted the CIA

It wasn’t a foreign power that subverted the CIA, turning the world’s best spy agency into a bumbling—and dangerous—tool of the federal deep state. It was internal corruption driven by leftist ideology.

The left used to loathe the CIA. And with good reason. Our intelligence agencies were known for their anti-communism. But those days are gone. Convinced that conservatives are a greater threat to our security than foreign adversaries are, CIA bureaucrats are happy to meddle in domestic politics.

Dr. J. Michael Waller, an intelligence veteran, reveals how the CIA—once stocked with daring and patriotic liberals dedicated to protecting America’s interests—became just another bureaucracy, with ominous consequences. From its dramatic beginnings in World War II, he traces the history of the CIA to its back-alley fighting against communists around the world to its notorious intelligence failures and its secret successes.

What went wrong? Relying ever more on machines instead of human beings, the CIA absorbed the values of Big Tech. An obsession with wokeness drove out talented spies and analysts, and soon the agency was running domestic political operations against the American people themselves.

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