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Emma Wright

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Annabelle Tudor


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How do we encourage our kids towards healthy habits without promoting body obsession?

For too long, parents have been given an impossible task: keep your kid from getting too fat, while making sure they love their body.

In this practical and essential book, body-confidence parenting coach Emma Wright uses current research to put an end to fights at the dinner table, and shows how you can teach your child or teen to step away from expectations that leave them anxious about food.

Emma addresses the root causes of society’s current obsession with healthy food and explores overlooked factors that impact on our kids’ self-image.

You’ll learn how to:

– Raise a competent eater without fighting with them

– Talk about food and weight without damaging body image

– Help your child to reject cultural pressure to be thin

– Shut down habits that can lead to eating disorders

– Let go of false and harmful assumptions about weight

With strategies to end power struggles and free yourself from fear and guilt as a parent, this book draws on groundbreaking evidence to make a powerful case for why – most of the time – doing less is more.

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