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Sam Perroni

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Richard Ferrone, Suzanne Toren


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Brainstorm is an amazing five-year probe into the mysterious death of beloved movie star Natalie Wood by a real-life criminal law authority who determinedly pursued the truth in the face of Los Angeles County officials hell-bent on keeping it buried forever. 

“After four decades, there is still more to learn about Natalie Wood’s tragic drowning. Brainstorm is one man’s passionate quest to unearth the truth.” (Beth Karas, host of Oxygen’s Snapped: Notorious, former prosecutor, and investigative journalist)

“If you have any interest in deciding for yourself whether someone got away with the murder of Natalie Wood, this book is for you.” (Marilyn Wayne, eyewitness) 

Brainstorm: An Investigation of the Mysterious Death of Film Star Natalie Wood is the first-person account of Sam Perroni’s probing investigation of the actress’s death. Through lawsuits, freedom of information requests, and persistent digging, Perroni obtained unseen and confidential files, documents, photographs, and information from long-lost witnesses revealing the true circumstances surrounding Natalie Wood’s drowning.

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