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Sarah Lin

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Travis Baldree


7 hrs and 40 mins

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Betrayed. Murdered. Reborn. One last chance, to make it right. Theo’s adventure ended with his mentor’s hands around his neck. The betrayal cost him his friends, allies and everything he had built… but not his life. Though broken and powerless, Theo has one last chance to enter the Nine Worlds, wielding the knowledge and expertise of his first life. This time, he needs more than just power, he needs to unravel the deception that killed him once… and is coming for him again.

Theo’s path back to power leads him through one of the most dangerous areas he encountered in his first life: the Chasm of Lamentations. But this time, the Chasm is the site of a vicious war between factions hungry for the resources within. Theo has no choice but to gather his allies and head into the chaos, where darker secrets are waiting…

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