Circle of Stars

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Dermot Hodson

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Elliot Fitzpatrick


15 hrs and 51 mins

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A compelling new history of the European Union and the people who sought to shape and challenge it—from Maastricht to today

The European Union is the most ambitious, and one of the most contentious, international organizations ever created. Decisions made in Brussels shape the lives of over 500 million Europeans, and its laws and policies resonate around the world. But how has the European Union endured over three turbulent decades marred by crises at home and abroad?

In this major account, Dermot Hodson traces the development of the European Union from its establishment in 1993 through to Brexit, COVID-19, and the invasion of Ukraine. Hodson shows how the union has been held together not by faceless technocrats but national leaders who stood together in times of turmoil despite a fierce backlash from a new generation of right-wing populists. Circle of Stars offers a rich appraisal of Europe’s troubled past and turbulent present—focusing on the people who built the European Union as we know it today.

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