Cloud FinOps, 2nd Edition

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J.R. Storment, Mike Fuller

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Lyle Blaker


15 hrs and 48 mins

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FinOps brings financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud. Used by the majority of global enterprises, this management practice has grown from a fringe activity to the de facto discipline managing cloud spend. In this book, authors J. R. Storment and Mike Fuller outline the process of building a culture of cloud FinOps by drawing on real-world successes and failures of large-scale cloud spenders.

Engineering and finance teams, executives, and FinOps practitioners alike will learn how to build an efficient and effective FinOps machine for data-driven cloud value decision-making. Complete with a road map to get you started, this revised second edition includes new chapters that cover forecasting, sustainability, and connectivity to other frameworks.

You’ll learn: the DNA of a highly functional cloud FinOps culture; a road map to build executive support for FinOps adoption; how to understand and forecast your cloud spending; how to empower engineering and finance to work together; cost allocation strategies to create accountability for cloud and container spend; strategies for rate discounts from cloud commitments; when and how to implement automation of repetitive cost tasks; and how to empower engineering team action on cost efficiency.

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