Enzo Ferrari (Movie Tie-in Edition)

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Brock Yates, Stacy Bradley

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Chris Andrew Ciulla


18 hrs and 57 mins

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The sweeping biography of the enigmatic racer and sports car mogul who built the Ferrari brand—the inspiration for the major motion picture Ferrari directed by Michael Mannfeaturing a new foreword and epilogue

Genius? Tyrant? Power broker? Enzo Ferrari is the impressively researched, fully detailed biography of one of the most powerful men of the twentieth century. Brock Yates penetrated Ferrari’s inner circle and reveals everything, from his early days in the town of Modena to his bizarre relationship with his illegitimate son; from his fanatic passion for speed to his brilliant marketing of the famous Ferrari image; from his manipulative but enormously effective management tactics to his own frustrated dreams. Fast, fun, and scandalous, Enzo Ferrari more than lives up to its remarkable subject.

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