Librila FAQ


How can I download an audiobook?

It’s easy. Simply navigate to the page of the audiobook you’re interested in. We usually place our audiobook links behind a lock to prevent internet bots from interfering with our website. On the audiobook’s page, you will see two options that let you unlock your audiobook download link.

Simply choose to complete a free and easy survey offer, or give us a share on social media to help support the site. Either of these options will display the download link for your selected audiobook file after completion.

How can I play an audiobook I downloaded?

Links to media files and audiobooks on this site often come in different audio formats. Audiobooks may be contained as one continuous audio file or may be divided into separate chapters. Downloads may be compressed as .zip or .rar files to make downloading easier.

You will find often find links to audiobook files in .mp3, .m4a, and .m4b on this site.  All of these file types can easily be played through a smartphone or computer.

Here are some recommended apps and software to play your audiobooks:

Apple iOS

Book Player – A free audiobook app that makes it easy to load and play .mp3/.m4a/.mb4 files.  You can load audiobook files to the app via icloud, too.
Bookmobile Audiobook Player –  This app is a little dated, but still works great for playing audiobooks.  You can even load downloaded books from your computer to the app on your phone through your internet browser using a built-in feature.
Bound – This is a premium audiobook player app that comes highly recommended.


Smart Audiobook Player – Great to play and organize your downloaded audiobooks by folder.

PC & Everything Else

Itunes and VLC – These are two of the best known free media players and will work great for playing audiobook files in .mp3, .m4a, and .m4b formats.

How can I submit an audiobook link?

Simply message us through our contact page and let us know what link you’d like to share. All attached media is scanned for viruses and malware for the safety of our users.  Please make sure you have appropriate copyright permissions for any links you submit.

Can I request an audiobook to be added?

Sure! Just send us a message or reach out to us through our social media pages. We will do what we can to find a link to the book you requested.

Where can I find out about new audiobook links that have been added to this site?

The latest books will be added to the homepage of our site. Check there first, and also have a look at our recent social media updates.

Is it legal to use this website?

Yes, it is!  No downloadable media files, including audiobooks, are hosted on our servers and we ask that all users submitting content and audiobook links respect existing copyright laws and our DMCA policy as outlined here.

Although we only provide links hosted on third-party filehosts for the convenience of our users, we also strive to respect all valid copyright claims.