Found, Wanting

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Natasha Sholl

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Kimberly Duband


8 hrs and 47 mins

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224.51 MB

Audiobook Summary

This is an audiobook for anyone who has ever loved someone who has died. Or who has ever loved someone. Because grief is the language of love, after all.

On Valentine’s Day, after a night of red wine and pasta and planning for their future, Natasha Sholl and her partner, Rob, went to bed. A few hours later, at the age of 27, his heart stopped.

Found, Wanting tells the story of Natasha’s attempt to rebuild her life in the wake of Rob’s sudden death, stumbling through the grief landscape and colliding with the cultural assumptions about the ‘right way’ to grieve.

It is a memoir about falling in love in the aftermath of loss and what it means to build a life in the space that death leaves.

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