Getting Over Ourselves

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Christina Congleton

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Rachel Perry


7 hrs and 30 mins

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In Getting Over Ourselves, human development specialist and leadership coach Christina Congleton delivers an insightful and urgently needed discussion of how millennials can move beyond the tired cliches of the self-help genre and achieve new levels of satisfaction and contentment.

In the book, you’ll explore how crushing levels of student debt, consecutive financial crises, and an alarming uptick in depression, substance abuse, and suicide are combining to significantly damage the potential of millennials everywhere. You’ll also find concrete strategies—rooted in developmental psychology—to counteract those negative influences.

Getting Over Ourselves offers: insights into why “life hacks,” productivity seminars, and more “adulting” are not the solutions to the issues faced by the millennial generation; frameworks that reject the idea that there is a separate, solitary self in need of constant improvement and connect you with your deeper humanity; and effective techniques for fending off burnout and ways to move beyond the unsatisfactory status quo. An essential and timely work that belongs in the libraries of millennials everywhere, Getting Over Ourselves is the antidote to the skin-deep, ineffective “self-help” material that you’ve been looking for.

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