Good Influence

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Zac Perna

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Zac Perna


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Find the motivation to live your best life and get into your best shape with social media influencer Zac Perna

Consider this your personal (and hilarious) road map to becoming a lean and happy good influence in your own life. Let’s begin.

People worldwide know fitness guru Zac Perna for his informative, motivating, curious and very funny social media content. In this book Zac goes deeper, wider and more intimate than ever before. With lots of information about diet, nutrition, exercise and fitness, Zac also reflects on pivotal lessons he’s learned about confidence, resilience and what it takes to create something tangible out of your dreams.

Zac has done the hard work so you don’t have to struggle through the same journey. Drawing on his experience establishing a mega social media brand, a hugely successful fitness-coaching business and the Slouch Potato pyjama brand, and on his extensive health knowledge, Zac offers life lessons through intimately personal and at times unbelievable anecdotes that will make you laugh, reflect on your own life, then laugh some more.

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