Grilled Armageddon

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Dakota Krout

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MacLeod Andrews


13 hrs and 45 mins

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750.65 MB

Audiobook Summary

The world as we knew it is gone. Food and water are poison. Learn the new rules or die trying.

Eli “Nacho” Naches is a fearsome assassin who has lost everything in a post-apocalyptic world full of monstrous creatures. He knows where he fits in this horror show, and he’s only been hanging around to see what’s going to be thrown at him next. When he’s finally put in chains and sent to the chopping block, he goes readily…only to be unexpectedly sent back in time to his younger body with his memories intact and the chance to make a difference.

But Nacho isn’t interested in saving the world. He just needs to save the people who matter to him and give them a chance to survive in a world where everything but the air itself is poison. Knowing that all their lives are on the line, Nacho the battle-scarred killer needs to get his college-age friends to listen to him, plan their builds, and secure a safe location to bunker down. Obviously, each of those goals is an epic quest all on its own.

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