Heretical Oaths: Volume 1

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Aaron Shih

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Saskia Maarleveld


8 hrs and 29 mins

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Since times long lost to history, magic power has been gained through a contract with divinity. 

The vast majority of mages are pacted to the eight core gods and the sixty-four lesser ones. Lily Syashan—formerly Lily of House Byron—holds an oath to a forgotten god. Exiled into a peasant village after her parents were executed for treason, Lily swore that she would gain power and succeed where her family failed.

To build her power, she will need to kill, destroy, and ruin. Whether her target is an Altered monster or another human getting in her way, Lily will need to be ready to defeat them all. The journey to the top won’t be an easy one, but Lily is prepared to do whatever it takes to finish it

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