How Did You Get Here

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Scott Montgomery

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Scott Montgomery


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Scott Montgomery was not set up for success. Growing up with little structure and having a reputation as a troublemaker in his teens, the prospects of his moving ahead were limited. His life began to shift when he started working at a local grocery store at sixteen. As he developed new habits and skills, guided by managers and mentors who recognized his potential, he built an unconventional path to significant corporate opportunities.

So how has Scott ended up leading Worldgate LLC, a thriving management consulting firm, and coaching other leaders and entrepreneurs on their paths to success?

In his book How Did You Get Here?, Scott shares what he learned through stories of his life and career, how he nurtured a mindset that has allowed him to transform his life and become the successful business leader he is today. Montgomery doesn’t hold back, offering truthful anecdotes and inspiring insights into what it takes to be a successful leader.

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