Leading with Vulnerability

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Jacob Morgan

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Jacob Morgan


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Based on over 100 CEO interviews and a survey of nearly 14,000 employees, renowned leadership thought leader and futurist Jacob Morgan shares candid stories and original research that shows how leaders can tap into vulnerability to transform themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

This book will show you why it’s so crucial to lead with vulnerability and how to do it well. You will learn: the difference between being vulnerable and leading with vulnerability; the five vulnerable leader superheroes; what makes leaders feel most vulnerable at work and why; the ROI of leading with vulnerability; the eight attributes of vulnerable leaders; what happens when vulnerability is used against you; how to climb the “vulnerability mountain”; and what keeps leaders from being vulnerable at work and how to overcome it.

Leading with Vulnerability is not just a book to share with your leaders and your coworkers. It’s an invitation to a paradigm-shifting adventure. Nothing like this has been written before and, after listening to it, you’ll never look at leadership the same way again.

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