Living Well in a Down Economy for Dummies, 2nd Edition

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As the economic pendulum swings, it’s time to start living smart

Living Well in a Down Economy For Dummies offers ideas for keeping more money in your pocket during a topsy-turvy economy. With more than 100 tips, it shows you how to tighten your belt without feeling a big pinch in your day-to-day life. Discover innovative and effective ways to cut expenses and boost your income in today’s economy. It isn’t about making sacrifices. It’s about setting priorities. Gain the skills you need to take control of your spending, make smarter choices, and stop the financial drain that can accompany a downturn in the economy. You’ll find practical advice on how to live and thrive when prices creep up or your income falls. Get tips for spending less in all areas of life-utilities, groceries, pet care, entertainment, and beyond. And figure out how to slip in some self-care without breaking the bank. You can do this, thanks to this no-judgment For Dummies guide.

Reduce your expenses by cooking at home, doing your own car maintenance, cutting your own hair, and more; discover creative ways to increase your income, interview for better-paying jobs, and continue to save for college or retirement; save money on home maintenance, insurance, and other reoccurring costs; and minimize your tax bill, improve your credit, and avoid foreclosure.

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