Looking After Your Autistic Self

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Niamh Garvey

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Lara Hutchinson


8 hrs and 33 mins

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‘I no longer try to mask my autism; I now work to support my autism’

Take charge of your needs including sensory self-care and emotional regulation for a calmer and happier life.

It is a myth that autistic children grow into ‘less autistic’ adults. In fact, many autistic adults feel more overwhelmed as they age as the stresses of social demands such as relationships, parenting, or the work environment increase.

Niamh Garvey offers tips and tricks designed to reduce sensory and emotional stress and look after your autistic self. From understanding what’s happening when the stress response kicks in to using the ‘detective habit’ to spot your individual strengths and triggers. What’s more, every element of this book can be personalised to you.

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