Lunar Supremacy

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Rhett C. Bruno, Felix R. Savage

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Scott Aiello


13 hrs and 2 mins

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710.44 MB

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Bitter enemies battle for control of the moon in the conclusion to the binge-worthy trilogy of science-based thrillers from Felix R. Savage and Rhett C. Bruno.

Stranded on the moon after a global economic crash, Nick Morrison and his friends must take decisive action to secure their supply chain before they starve to death. The capture of a space station wins them some breathing room. But the powers that be on Earth cannot tolerate an independent, thriving lunar colony.

Amidst a high-stakes arms race, Nick and his friends struggle to hold off the entire might of Earth. At the same time, Nick must also fight his old nemesis, Joe Massad, for control of the lunar base.

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