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Scott Wozniak


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In Make Your Brand Legendary, Scott Wozniak provides the tools every company needs to create a legendary brand with raving fans.

Apple. Harley-Davidson. Chick-fil-A. Disney. When you see or hear these names, something in us lights up. Sure, we know their product and service offerings, but a huge number of consumers have a much deeper, more profound, and even emotional connection to these businesses. These aren’t just brands; they’re legendary brands. And they don’t just have satisfied customers; they create raving fans—true believers who will buy every product, who serve as brand evangelists, who even tattoo corporate logos on their bodies, and who will fight to defend the honor and reputation of these multibillion-dollar corporations.

Why? What turns otherwise reserved people into raving fans of a computer company or chicken sandwich chain? It’s not magic. It’s not a lucky product. And it’s not something reserved for consumer brands with luxury products. For twenty years Scott and his team have been working with leaders in a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to professional service to enterprise software. No matter the industry, some companies have gone beyond delivering a good product to delivering a great customer experience.

In Make Your Brand Legendary, Scott Wozniak leverages his decades of brand-building experience within some of America’s most-loved companies to show you how to create world-class customer experience. After years of battle-tested work, Scott realized that there was a set of systems that all the great brands used to create raving fans. He captured these practices in an engine diagram, a simple tool to help leaders become legends. If you use this approach, you can build a Customer Experience Engine that will create those same kinds of raving fans that always seem to dominate dinner-party conversations and water-cooler chats. Only this time, they’ll be talking about your business.

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