Millionaire Habits

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Steve Adcock

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Tim Andres Pabon


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Transform your financial present and future so you can give back to the people you care about the most 

In Millionaire Habits: How to Achieve Financial Independence, Retire Early, and Make a Difference by Focusing on Yourself First, popular personal finance educator Steve Adcock delivers a fun, insightful, and hands-on discussion of how to build financial security, retire early, and give back to the community. You’ll learn to focus on yourself and your family first, creating personal wealth for the purpose of giving back to others.

In the book, the author explains that “saving money” isn’t a goal in and of itself, but rather the end product of the personal wealth equation: Wealth = Income + Investments – Lifestyle. You’ll discover how to pay yourself first with concrete guidance and practical advice drawn from people who built wealth on modest incomes.

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Perfect for young professionals, working families, self-employed people, and anyone else seeking to increase their net worth and get more out of life, Millionaire Habits is the intuitive and engaging personal finance roadmap we’ve all been waiting for.

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