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Paul Daugherty

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Paul Daugherty


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In this important book, a megachurch pastor acknowledges the mental health crisis happening in our churches today and gives listeners practical tools to fight back against depression, anxiety, and insecurity—and help them find victory.

Depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma are on the rise, even more so after the painful few years we’ve all been through. While the church has had an unfortunate track record of glossing over mental health issues, Paul Daugherty, pastor of the megachurch Victory, believes it’s time for the church to break its silence. You can’t just pray trauma away. Depression and anxiety can affect even the most devoted believer.

In this book, Paul Daugherty walks listeners through some of the biggest mental and emotional health issues he has seen people in his life and his congregation facing, including depression, anxiety, insecurity, mood swings, and the scars of trauma. Daugherty dives into scripture and lays a framework for understanding the spiritual truths behind each mental battle. He also offers practical tips and strategies to help listeners find lasting victory.

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