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Mike Massimino


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A former NASA astronaut and New York Times bestselling author delivers lessons for teamwork, innovation, and leadership to the average person through thrilling firsthand accounts of space exploration.

When you think of a NASA astronaut, the image that probably comes to mind is one of the All-American hero: athletic, charismatic, ready to take on the stars. But former NASA astronaut turned business speaker and bestselling author Mike Massimino was pretty much the opposite. He was the underdog, one of the weakest swimmers during NASA training and a “gangly, scrawny, working-class kid from Long Island with bad eyesight and a fear of heights.” Still, after working hard and working smart, Massimino had a successful career as an astronaut. Now, he uses his experience to bring readers valuable, actionable, and entertaining advice for how to get back up and make possible the seemingly impossible–now on Earth.

Moonshot shares Massimino’s hard-earned lessons and how to apply them in work and life. Using humor and a unique storytelling ability, he inspires listeners to identify the passion in their work, use teamwork and innovation to solve problems, provide leadership in the face of adversity, and never give up when pursuing a goal. Written with characteristic wit and a big heart, Mike operates as our mission control to navigate us as we achieve our own personal and professional moonshots.

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