My Fault

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Mercedes Ron

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Hannah Carmona, Hugo Locke


12 hrs and 32 mins

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From Wattpad sensation Mercedes Ron comes the English translation of the first in the hit Culpable series, an angsty romance in which Noah falls for her new stepbrother, the boy who’s leading a hidden double life under their family’s nose.

Seventeen-year-old Noah Morgan lives a quiet, normal life with her mother in Toronto . . . until her mother meets and marries William Leister, a wealthy and enigmatic lawyer from California. Noah finds herself moving to LA, leaving her volleyball team, her best friend, and her boyfriend behind.

Upon arriving in her new life of private schools and pool parties, she meets her new brother, Nicholas-a college student, and seemingly the typical spoiled rich kid. Noah has no desire to get along with him, especially when she discovers Nick’s secret life of clandestine car racing and street fights. Not to mention, Noah has her own demons on her tail, and doesn’t want Nick’s nose in any of them. But what the two don’t account for is the powerful physical attraction between them—enough to turn their world upside down.

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