My Werewolf System: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy

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Heath Miller


11 hrs and 15 mins

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From the creator of My Vampire System comes the action-packed story of a young man struggling to survive—until he learns to unleash the animal within . . .

Gary doesn’t have all that much going for him. He’s a teenage boy who lives in a Tier-3 town that’s barely hanging on, and his family’s just a rung above dirt poor. Which is why he’s taken the very dangerous step of becoming an errand boy for the savage Underdogs gang. He doesn’t like what they do, but if he tries to get out, he’s pretty sure he’ll get very dead.

Then, a delivery goes wrong when he’s ambushed and injured. Even worse, his “package” somehow gets loose—and into Gary. To his shock, he finds himself the wielder of a Werewolf System. It allows him incredible power, strength, and healing. Unfortunately, when the full moon strikes, he might not be able to control his bloodlust and could wind up hurting somebody he cares about.

Now, Gary must somehow explain his sudden “improvement” to his friends while trying to survive a pack of vicious hunters out to eliminate him. Because if he can figure out how to harness his new abilities, he just might make a difference in this town—and the first thing on his to-do list is put the Underdogs underground . . .

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