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Ellis Gunn

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Ellis Gunn


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A nail-biting memoir that brings a confronting new perspective on the safety of women and the many ways they are silenced.

Rattled tells a frighteningly honest story of what it feels like to be pursued by a stalker.

What if your life were suddenly transformed by anxiety and fear? The fear of being alone, the anxiety compelling you to stay in public places and avoid predictable routines. The horrible uncertainty of not knowing whether you should fear for your life, and maybe even the lives of your children. The dreadful knowledge that, ultimately, you are powerless to escape.

Ellis Gunn’s world is turned upside down when she realises that she is being followed by a man she doesn’t know—and that she can’t make him stop. The experience conjures up other incidents of sexual harassment and abuse that she has endured, incidents she often accepted as ‘normal’. Spurred on to look deeper, she discovers that stalking is part of an underlying misogyny that more than half the population is dealing with on a daily basis.

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