Reborn a Warrior: Asher Merrick

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Solomon Ignis

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JD Tanner, C.C. Thompson


17 hrs and 13 mins

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“When we entered the caves, I didn’t know what to expect. But the further we delved, the more questions I had.”

When Asher Merrick was reincarnated to the world of Echo Veil, he was given tremendous power to unlock his potential for short bursts of amazing feats. That all comes crashing down after a chance encounter with the Nightstrike clan, Giezha’s former goliath tribe.

After a precocious investor whisks them away to the sleepy fishing town of Bouldergulf, they prepare to enter the mountains, hoping to find treasure beyond compare. But when Asher tries to save someone from the brutal power struggle unfolding in the Nighstrike Clan, everyone learns that there’s more than just treasure hidden away inside the mountains.

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