Scales of Envy

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J.N. Chaney, Chris Kennedy

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Mark Boyett


9 hrs and 58 mins

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544.1 MB

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A new threat rises. An old one calms.

Through skill, determination, and a good bit of luck, the allies were able to turn away the Overlord attack. Not only were they able to hold them off, but several of the enemy vessels have also been added to their fleet.

But a new enemy, the Legastians, loom. An implacable race with a hive mind and a navy strong enough that even the Overlords—with their immense fleet—were afraid of. 

Can the allies reorganize their fleet in time to defend against this new threat? With the defeat of the Overlord battleship, is peace now possible with them, so that the allies can turn their full attention to the Legastians?

Something will have to change, because with enemies on both sides, the allies won’t last long.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain—Uplink Squadron remains the tip of the spear.

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