Second Flight

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J.N. Chaney, Chris Kennedy

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Luke Daniels


10 hrs

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The ultimate fusion of pilot and machine is back!

Lieutenants Lance Baker and Sofia Jimenez saved Earth in the fateful battle against the aliens who’d been intent on its destruction. But there’s a problem: One of the enemy carriers got away.

Not only that, but it jumped to a star that’s out of reach of Terran jump technology, and it’s probably going for reinforcements. The final battle to save Earth resulted in the destruction of most of Terra’s defensive forces, and Lance and Sofia still have no idea what’s waiting for them among the stars.

Except that whatever’s out there, it doesn’t like them very much. And they’ve got nothing to stop it.

Lance and Sofia will have to reconstitute Uplink Squadron and lead it back to the stars to find out about the aliens that have attacked—who they are and where they’re hiding—and they may have to do it without Irina and Daiyu, who the Russians and Chinese want back. The alien home world must be found in order to prevent a devastating war. It’s time to plug back in and save the world. Again. Before it’s too late.

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