Security Chaos Engineering

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Kelly Shortridge

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April Doty


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Cybersecurity is broken. Year after year, attackers remain unchallenged and undeterred, while engineering teams feel pressure to design, build, and operate “secure” systems. Failure can’t be prevented, mental models of systems are incomplete, and our digital world constantly evolves. How can we verify that our systems behave the way we expect? What can we do to improve our systems’ resilience?

In this comprehensive guide, authors Kelly Shortridge and Aaron Rinehart help you navigate the challenges of sustaining resilience in complex software systems by using the principles and practices of security chaos engineering. By preparing for adverse events, you can ensure they don’t disrupt your ability to innovate, move quickly, and achieve your engineering and business goals.

In this book, you’ll learn how to design a modern security program; make informed decisions at each phase of software delivery to nurture resilience and adaptive capacity; understand the complex systems dynamics upon which resilience outcomes depend; navigate technical and organizational trade-offs that distort decision making in systems; explore chaos experimentation to verify critical assumptions about software quality and security; and learn how major enterprises leverage security chaos engineering.

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