Sentient Strategy

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Alan Weiss

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Tom Parks


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No pre-pandemic strategy is effective anymore. Alan Weiss has developed an original, new approach to strategy which thus far has certified over 100 people globally, delivering this approach to scores of firms of all types in four countries.

Sentient Strategy is based on two modern dimensions: awareness of the environment in which the organization exists and has influence, and consciousness of the impact of actions being considered. The old SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) approaches are currently equivalent to riding down the freeway on a horse. We must drop the hubris that has led us to believe we can see years ahead and anticipate what’s coming.

It’s time to turn volatility and disruption on their heads and use them as offensive weapons in the marketplace instead of trying to protect ourselves from them. Imagine a strategy that an organization can formulate in just a day or so, revisit easily and frequently, and design a series of shorter-term, viable futures.

Alan Weiss equips the listener to consider using this approach independently. These are new times—a new reality, a “no normal”—hence, it’s ridiculous to use old approaches to strategy. There’s a clear reason why Sears didn’t morph into Amazon and why Hertz surrendered its number one spot to Enterprise.

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