Sick Boys

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Clarissa Wild

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Corvin King, Desireé Ketchum


17 hrs and 9 mins

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935.45 MB

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I didn’t believe them when they said they would corrupt me. I was wrong. So wrong.

The night my sister died, a piece of me died with her. So I made a vow to enroll at Spine Ridge University just like her, find the person responsible… and make them pay.

Until I meet three sick boys of the Skull & Serpent Society: Felix, Dylan, Alistair. Rude, heartless, vicious guys who are obsessed with making me regret I ever stepped foot on campus.

They make me a deal: My body in exchange for a glimpse at their violence. Refusing them is impossible; denying them is insane. They’re rough, greedy, and every second with them is filled with depravity. Their venom is jabbed straight into my heart, and I’m sucked into their world. All for the sake of revenge.

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