Spellscribed: Ascension

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Kristopher Cruz

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Kevin Kemp


10 hrs and 20 mins

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418.34 MB

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When Endrance had defeated the corrupt King of Balator, he thought the hard part was over. He was wrong.

Given a short time to prepare before he is to return to Ironsoul for trial, Endrance gets dragged into a fight to save not only his life, but the life of everyone living on Mount Balator. Armies of the dead arise, and only the crowning of a new king will stop them.

Now he will be pushed harder than he’s ever had to stand. Farther than he’s ever had to go. He is about to be challenged in ways that made Kalenden seem like a warm-up.

He hasn’t left the forge fueled by conflict just yet. If anything, fate feeds the fires, growing them to new heights and fury.

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