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Nataly Kelly

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Sarah Welborn


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Companies looking to expand used to think about entering international markets, but today you’re global from the moment you create a website. Nataly Kelly, Chief Growth Officer at Rebrandly (a global tech company with customers in more than 100 countries) and former VP International Ops and Strategy at HubSpot, says now the goal should be market intensification—building on the presence you already have.

Kelly’s MARACA model enables companies to distill the mass amounts of data available to determine if, how, and where they should expand by looking at three key areas of measurement: MA: market availability—the size of the market opportunity within a given country; RA: real-time analytics—data indicating how your company is currently performing in that market; and CA: customer addressability—the measure of your company’s ability to address the market, no matter its size.

The book is based on Kelly’s experiences with building a global business both at HubSpot and as a consultant, but also contains numerous examples from successful global companies of various sizes, such as Airbnb, Canva, Dashlane, GoStudent, Facebook, LinkedIn, Lottie Dolls, Netflix, Revolut, Teamwork, and Zoom. Including information on building a globally minded corporate culture, this is a complete strategic guide to discovering international growth opportunities.

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