The Aging Well Workbook for Anxiety and Depression

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Julie Erickson PhD, Neil A. Rector PhD

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Ann Richardson


6 hrs and 32 mins

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For even the fittest, healthiest, and most vibrant among us, the truth is there are inevitable challenges that come from growing older. Major life transitions such as retirement, the loss of family or a partner, changes in our bodies, and changing social roles in everyday life can lead to feelings of uncertainty, loss of control, and even anxiety and depression. But aging doesn’t have to be a negative thing. You can carve out your own path. This book will show you how to live with more vitality and joy—at any age!

The Aging Well Workbook for Anxiety and Depression offers proven-effective, evidence-based skills drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you learn the art of flexible thinking and feel more empowered and engaged with life. You’ll discover strategies for managing anxiety and depression, as well as lifestyle tips to help reduce symptoms in the future. You’ll also learn how your brain changes as you age, and find a wealth of strategies for managing these changes and making the most of your life.

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