The Black Book

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Edward W. Robertson

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Tim Gerard Reynolds


11 hrs and 32 mins

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From USA Today best seller and Audie nominee for Best Fantasy Novel Edward W. Robertson comes book 2 of the hotly anticipated spin-off from the Cycle of Galand universe.

Cally and Rowe have scoured the demonic wights from Narashtovik. 

But during the war, Cally learned he can no longer be part of the pacifist Order that raised him to be a sorcerer. The pair has traveled south, seeking the true copy of The Cycle of Arawn – the artifact Cally believes can restore proper rule to Narashtovik. 

There’s a few problems with this plan, though. For one, nobody’s seen the true copy in decades. And another, in these lands, possessing a copy of the Cycle is rewarded with a quick trip to the hangman. If anyone finds out Cally can wield the dark arts of the nether, he’ll wish all he got was hanged.

Hunting for the book in the Western Kingdoms, Cally and Rowe are arrested by the Inquisition and sentenced to serve them. Since the Inquisition tracks down banned books, Cally has a better chance to find his prize than ever. But one slip will cost him his life. As the Inquisition pursues its leads, it exposes a conspiracy that could be more devastating than the one that almost destroyed Narashtovik.

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