The Curse of Home

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JD Franx

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Simon Vance


19 hrs and 49 mins

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Separated from Ember and Max, Kael Symes turns to an old friend to help hide the afterlife tokens in Talohna’s most terrifying locales.

After nearly two years and with one token left to hide, a powerful magical event hits Talohna and causes the failure of the most important spell Kael has ever cast. The horrific results leave him a wanted man and all of his efforts to form an alliance against the Ri’Tek fall apart.

With the tokens hidden at last, Kael wants nothing more than to forget the past and to spend time with his family, but knowing they will never be safe no matter where they hide, he recruits Treach in a bid to scour the Arcane Library catacombs for an answer. When the fallen god discovers the location of a legendary fortress thought to exist only in myth, Kael and his allies set out to find the hidden keep in the hopes of making it a home for the children born under the rays of the Black Sun.

Unfortunately for Kael and everyone he cares about, myths in Talohna are often grounded in reality and when they stumble into the cursed grounds of Solikyr Fortress, Kael prays that the last five years have hardened him enough to protect his loved ones from the gauntlet of horrors that have infected the fortress and its massive castle. Kael and his companions press further into the fortress and deeper into the curse, only to discover one of Talohna’s oldest and most dangerous secrets.

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