The Decisive Decade

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Jonathan D.T. Ward

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Rick Adamson


11 hrs and 39 mins

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In The Decisive Decade, Dr. Jonathan D. T. Ward offers a comprehensive framework for how the US can, and must, defeat China on the world stage economically, diplomatically, militarily, and ideologically.

International security and American supremacy are at stake—and now is the time for the US to take action. China’s global power and influence grows every day. Working from a deep sense of national identity, the Chinese Communist Party is leading its country toward what it deems “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation,” and executing a long-term Grand Strategy to topple over its chief adversary, the US. As China becomes increasingly repressive domestically and aggressive overseas, it threatens to upend America’s global dominance at every turn.

Ward provides novel and practical strategies that our government, as well as our businesses and our citizens, can utilize to undermine our adversary. Exhaustive campaigns in the economic, diplomatic, military, and ideological arenas, he argues, must be taken to achieve victory. With expert analysis of the history of US-China relations, as well as insight into how the Russia-Ukrainian war can inform our strategic thinking, The Decisive Decade presents a unique toolkit for our triumph over China. We can succeed, but it won’t be easy; it will take all of our nation’s ingenuity, confidence, and willpower to win.

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