The Fallen Goddess

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JD Franx

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Simon Vance


26 hrs and 34 mins

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Since his arrival in Talohna, Kael Symes has experienced some of the worst that it has to offer. However, when he wakes from a frightening coma, he finds that Talohna’s magic may be permanently broken, and a dire new threat is situated on Solikyr’s doorstep….

With a terrifying and powerful faction so close to his new home, Kael does everything he can to shore up the unstable alliance brokered by Ember and Max before their departure for the World Peace Summit. However, Treach’s unannounced arrival at Solikyr Castle during his search for Niis’ final resting place and a shocking revelation from the summit force Kael and his new apprentice to search for a way to get to Corynth before disaster strikes.

Forced to travel part of the way overland, Kael, Kenna and Sephi stumble across what appears to be a Ri’Tek invasion of Stillwater in Northern Cethos. Though seriously outnumbered and helpless to stop the invasion, Kael and Sephi do manage to help an important witness escape the fighting before pushing on to Corynth.

Protected by the summit’s diplomatic immunity laws, Kael joins Ember and Max in a desperate bid to expose the Ri’Tek for who they truly are, but even the testimony of a high-standing witness may not be enough to sway the World Council to act, leaving Queen Bale no choice but to finally respond to the Ri’Tek on her own. But faced with the invasion, will the stubborn Cethosian queen actually send her troops to war, or will the insurmountable odds finally force Cethos to its knees? With the Ri’Tek firmly entrenched in Stillwater and war looming on the horizon, the Vikress’ plan quickly comes to light, forcing events down a nightmare path no one could have ever imagined…a path that may lead to Talohna’s long forgotten past and a long forgotten goddess.

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