The Golden Key: The Complete Original Edition

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Emmet Fox

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Roger Wayne


1 hr and 38 mins

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Open yourself up to the goodness that is truly yours

Emmet Fox was a prominent New Thought teacher who became one of the most popular spiritual leaders of the twentieth century. The Golden Key: The Complete Original Edition is a collection designed for the modern listener that features the original editions of his most influential writing. In it, he explores “the golden key to harmony and happiness”, sharing a message of transformational empowerment.

This audiobook features six of Fox’s most pivotal works, including The Golden Key, The Mental Equivalent, Life is Consciousness, Getting Results by Prayer, You Must be Born Again, and The Great Adventure. Each audiobook is brief—something you’ll be able to listen in a single sitting—but Fox’s insights will shift your worldview and equip you with the key to a new worldview. This is an audiobook you will find yourself reaching for again and again.

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