The High Probability Options Trader

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Marcel Link

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Brian Wiggins


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The complete guide to building the mindset, knowledge, and skills of a professional options trader.

Professional options trader Marcel Link argues that the most successful traders are the ones who treat trading like a business. It’s how he turned trading into a full-time job, and he shares all his secrets with you. In The High Probability Options Trader, Link explains how to take advantage of online tools, offers a thorough but easy-to-understand explanation of option Greeks, and provides many effective strategies, including selling options and spreads with high volatility, making time decay work in your favor, using different time spreads, staying delta neutral, and using butterflies and condors. He explains how to trade during earnings, how to use technical analyses to time trades, and how to manage risk. Specific topics include: learning to understand and take full advantage of a broker’s platform; what options are and how they’re best used; methods for valuing options; choosing underlying stocks, indexes, ETFs, and futures to trade; using options to protect your portfolio from market turns; managing your options portfolio; reading marketing conditions to make the right investing decisions; placing orders and timing trades; and developing and implanting risk-management strategies.

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