The Higher Help Method

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Tammy Mastroberte

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Tammy Mastroberte


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From spiritual teacher Tammy Mastroberte comes an indispensable guide for supercharging your manifestation practice with guidance from the Universe.

If you’re struggling to see the changes you desire in life no matter how hard you try to manifest them, it may be time to put down this stressful burden and try something new. There is an easier way to create positive change, and it starts with no longer trying to do it alone. Instead, you can ask the Universe for help and place it in charge to guide you.

In The Higher Help Method, award-winning author Tammy Mastroberte affirms the Universe will support you to create what you want—or something even more incredible when you ask it to partner with you and harness its energy. To access the full potential of manifestation, we must learn to invoke the aid and wisdom of the Divine with confidence, receptivity, and trust. Here she shares her tried-and-true system for:

• Framing your intentions with clarity—express what you want, why you want it, and how it will make you feel

• Calling in specialized higher help—including angels, guides, saints, and loved ones

• Shifting your energy—attune to and maintain a higher vibration that magnetizes positive change

• Receiving and acting on guidance—recognize how the Universe answers and guides you, and follow its lead

You’ll learn how to dive deeper into your practice with specific tools such as custom prayers, exercises, crystals, and rituals for manifesting in seven key areas: money and abundance, health, emotional well-being, relationships, career, parenting, and spiritual connection.

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