The Holistic You

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Susan Lapin

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Barry Abrams


9 hrs and 57 mins

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Family. Faith. Finance. Friendship. Fitness. Learn to balance and integrate these five critical areas of life.

In The Holistic You: Integrating Your Family, Finances, Faith, Friendships, and Fitness, sought-after speaker and writer Rabbi Daniel Lapin delivers an inspiring and insightful discussion of how to bring joy and confidence to all of life’s many challenges. Rabbi Lapin introduces you to his unique 5F system, weaving together family, faith, finance, friendship, and fitness. He demonstrates how to organize your life so that you’re not neglecting one area to achieve success and connection in another.

You’ll discover how to stop treating life like a zero-sum game and how to apply your efforts in each of the five elemental areas in ways that support your efforts in all the other four. A recipe for balance and well-roundedness, the book also provides: universally applicable insights and strategies that have worked effectively for generations of enthusiasts of 3000 years of Jewish wisdom; strategies to achieve, peace, and tranquility in your daily life through balance and connection; ways to benefit by strengthening unsuspected connections between seemingly disparate parts of your life; and steps to improve life by integrating humanity’s most fundamental institution and its most fundamental ambition.

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