The Lost Portal

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Vaughn Heppner

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Mark Boyett


12 hrs and 43 mins

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The strategists of Leviathan are cunning and devious. They also fear Captain Maddox because of his unusual luck, his ability to turn sure odds into a disaster for them. Before Leviathan begins its invasion of the Commonwealth, they want Maddox neutralized.

Thus, using elaborate deception, the strategists convince Star Watch that ancient doomsday weapons lie in the Aquila Rift. It’s a region of space 700 light years from Earth. Thick molecular clouds and dense gases hide its stars and planets.

As expected, Star Watch sends Victory and Maddox into the rift. There, the trap springs, and Maddox finds himself battling ancient entities, while the crew faces interment that could last until the universe itself runs down.

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