The Political Fix

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Douglas Schoen

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Dave Mallow


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Most Americans agree that our political system is fundamentally broken. It is increasingly clear that politicians are dedicated not to the public’s welfare but to their own reelections, which are dependent on unbending loyalty to party leaders and perpetual fund-raising. The justice system is entangled with electoral machinations, perverting the checks and balances at the heart of democracy. But the electoral system can be mended. 

In The Political Fix, Douglas E. Schoen lays out a series of provocative yet highly achievable solutions that will compel politicians to be responsive to citizens rather than to special interests. As grassroots protest movements continue to grow, Schoen provides a rallying cry and an action plan for those thousands of Americans hungry for long-lasting, meaningful political reform—reform that transcends a single politician or party and serves and inspires the American people.

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