The Power of Value Selling

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Julie Thomas

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Wendy Tremont King


7 hrs and 55 mins

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Build strong connections to accelerate sales results

In The Power of Value Selling: The Gold Standard to Drive Revenue and Create Customers for Life, sought-after trainer and sales leader Julie Thomas delivers an exciting new take on buyer-centric selling to modern buyers. In the book, you’ll learn value-based selling techniques to become a trusted business advisor who instills confidence in buying decisions despite unpredictable business environments.

This actionable guide to improved business conversations—ones that build trust and human-to-human connections—enables you to focus the sales conversation on value, instead of price, and identify business issues that create urgency to unlock new sales opportunities. You’ll also find: strategies for selling to the C-suite, closing more business, expanding your sales footprint, managing global accounts, and generating consistent renewal sales; methods for building credibility and rapport with your buyers along with proven sales prospecting strategies to win time on their increasingly packed calendars; ways to motivate buyers to take action and improve sales forecast accuracy through a repeatable opportunity qualification framework; and actions for aligning your revenue engine and enabling all of your customer-facing teams to improve the customer experience.

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