The Samurai and the Prisoner

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Honobu Yonezawa

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Louis Ozawa


14 hrs and 18 mins

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The winter of 1578, four years prior to the Honno-ji Incident. Araki Murashige has betrayed his ally Oda Nobunaga and holed himself up in Arioka Castle—but a string of unsettling incidents within the castle walls has him at his wit’s end. The desperate warlord’s only hope for solving these mysteries is imprisoned in the castle’s dungeon: a man named Kuroda Kanbei, one of Oda’s most gifted strategists. When all the conflict and intrigue come to a close, what will these two men have gained…and lost? Award-winning author Honobu Yonezawa’s English-language debut is a thrilling blend of historical and detective fiction.

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