The Self-Forgiveness Workbook

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Grant Dewar PhD

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Grant Cartwright


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Many people who’ve experienced trauma tend to blame themselves. This tendency to self-blame often begins in childhood and is carried into adulthood and can manifest in a number of emotional and behavioral problems. You’ve probably tried to quiet your critical inner voice through avoidance and distraction, only to have the negative self-talk return time and time again to sabotage your self-esteem and interfere with your life. Fortunately, you possess the power to forgive yourself and discover your inner strength.

With this workbook, you’ll learn proven-effective skills that integrate self-forgiveness with acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), compassion-focused therapy (CFT), functional analytic psychotherapy (FAP), and relational frame theory (RFT). You’ll develop the self-compassion and self-acceptance needed to overcome the sense of shame and guilt that’s keeping you from a meaningful life. You’ll also gain a new perspective on your life’s story, empowering you to get in touch with your values and make an ongoing commitment to self-forgiveness.

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