Titan Blood: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy

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Plum Parrot

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Robb Moreira


17 hrs and 24 mins

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A young man from Earth struggles to survive in a fantastical realm of blood, battles, and berserkers as the action-packed LitRPG series continues.

When young Victor Sandoval was snatched from his abuela‘s home and thrust into a brutal existence as a pit fighter in the land of Fanwath, it took a long time—and a heck of a lot of acquired skills and levels—to survive and become a formidable warrior with anger issues to spare. And now he seems to be right back at the bottom of the barrel.

Heaved through a portal while defeating a particularly obnoxious pyromancer, Victor and his companion, Valla, find themselves on a new planet populated by serpentines, insectoids, and giants so far beyond the pair in might and experience as to be nigh invulnerable. If the warriors are to withstand this dangerous realm, they’ll have to endure countless tribulations to build up their own strength.

Once again, Victor must hack and hew his way to victory in the arena for a devious warlord, while Valla must honor an unwanted duel against a seemingly unbeatable opponent. And both will have to score more kills, collect more treasure, and face more horrors beyond their wildest imagination if they ever hope to return to Fanwath . . .

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